"Where trouble melts like lemon drops, high above the chimney tops: That's where you'll find me."

Hi, I'm this girl. I'm twenty one years old, and I'm from Southern California. I make magic for a living, you can always find me in Tomorrowland. I love to write, I have a pretty weird imagination. I'm a geek that finds humor in everything, so try not to take that personally. If you want to know more about me, all you have to do is ask.

Oh, and by the way, my name is Monica.

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"Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it."

David Foster Wallace (via wordsnquotes)

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"Sex is not the climax of a relationship, pardon the pun, but those moments at 2am when you wake up to her lips on your lips, her sleep-heavy body lying across yours, knowing the world is asleep whilst you move together, calling to a god that neither of you believe in… those moments are what I live for."

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"The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself, without the threat of you leaving."

Kai, Lessons in Life #39  (via 1112pm)

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Artist: Melanie Martinez
Track: Toxic (originally by Britney Spears)
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(deletes irrelevant build up captions that didn’t sway me to reblog this good song)

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Dude check out this shark

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"When they ask me about my future wife, I always tell them that her eyes are the only Christmas lights that deserve to be seen all year long. I tell them that she has a walk that can make an atheist believe in God just long enough to say, ‘God damn’. I tell them that if my alarm clock sounded like her voice, my snooze button would collect dust. I tell them that if she came in a bottle, I would drink her until my vision is blurry and my friends take away my keys. I tell them that if she was a book, I would memorize her table of contents. I would read her, cover to cover, hoping to find typos, just so we could both have something to work on, because aren’t we all unfinished? Don’t we all need editing? Aren’t we all waiting to be read by someone, praying they will tell us that we make sense? She doesn’t always make sense but I swear to God, her imperfections are the things that I love about her the most. I don’t know when I will be married, I don’t know where I will be married, but I do know this: whenever I’m asked to describe my future wife, I do so as best as I can and every single time, she sounds a lot like you. Every single time, she sounds a lot like you."

Rudy Francisco, “A Lot Like You” (via yesdarlingido)

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what to do if you see someone picking:



  • point it out
  • tell them to stop
  • physically try to stop them from picking
  • try to guilt them into not picking at that moment (eg. “please dont do this you know it hurts yourself :(“


  • provide a distraction, physical or verbally
  • offer them something they enjoy to do
  • if you acknowledge their picking remind them that it’s ok if they can’t stop and you can help them clean up afterwards

this is all i can think of rn but feel free to add on!

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okay u can make fun of Shrek all you want but if u don’t think they were the most beautiful fucking movies ever then ur wrong

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